A Global Network of Activists

The Rules is a worldwide network of activists, artists, writers, farmers, peasants, students, workers, designers, hackers, spiritualists and dreamers, linking up, pushing the global narrative in a new direction. We’re tired of the incremental reforms. The corrupt CEO’s. The tax havens. The esteemed economists. The development industry. The secrecy regimes. The empty promises. The cancelled futures. And if you’re reading this, chances are you might be tired of these things too.

We focus on five strategic areas that are in desperate need of radical reform: Money, Power, Secrecy, Ideas and The Commons. We work with social movements, community leaders, cultural players, and everyday people with common adversaries and common goals. We explore world-changing ideas, dig up dirt on corporations and corrupt CEO’s, hurl metaphysical stones at governmental and societal repression, and offer material support to emerging movements and spontaneous activist fissures, wherever they occur.

Our goal is nothing short of a tomorrow that is wholly unrecognisable from today, a world as beautiful as we can imagine. Let’s do it, let’s be it, together.

We are a registered as a C3 organisation in Washington, DC.